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We provide fast, free, and secure download clips of any Twitch videos stream on the Twitch platform. Our service lets you convert and download MP4 videos on any device you want, may it be notebooks, desktop computers, or smartphones.

So, type in any Twitch URL below and download Twitch clips as many times as you want!

How to Download Twitch Clips

Downloading Twitch clips are as easy as pressing a few buttons. To breakdown the process into simple steps, note our quick guide below:

1.  Chose the Twitch clips to download

step 1 twitch clip downloader

This is an obvious step! To the download Twitch clip link, find the desired Twitch videos on the social network among your preferred channels.

2.  Copy the video’s address and paste it on the field above

step 2 twitch clip downloader

For our crawler to find and the download Twitch clip, copy its address, and paste it in the form above the download button.

3.  Press download and save the Twitch clips

step 3 twitch clip downloader

Finally, press the big button and soon your download will start! Wait a few moments so we can convert the video from Twitch to MP4. After that, your download Twitch videos will automatically start.

Remember you can come back as much as you want to download videos and download Twitch clips any number of times.

Why do you need to use the Twitch Clip Downloader tool

When live Twitch broadcasts end, they are recorded and stored as video-on-demand or VOD archives. These videos will disappear from the platform after 14 days for regular streamers or 60 days for mainstream users. Once this happens, no one can watch it again because it’s gone forever!

You will regret not being able to re-watch your memorable live broadcasts. That’s why you need to use our Twitch Clip Downloader to be able the downloading clips, storing your best moments forever in your device’s memory!

Advantages of Twitch Clip Downloader make you need to use

The main limitation of the Twitch social networking platform is that it does not allow you to store or download twitch videos and download clips, so the Twitch Clip Downloader tool was born to help users overcome that limitation easily. To better understand Twitch Clip Downloader, read the following advantages:

High user information privacy policy

Twitch Clip Downloader is a standalone web tool that does not require users to log in to any information. The sole purpose of the tool is to collect video data and then convert it to Mp4 format to help users download it to their devices easily.

Safe and unlimited use

Prior to its release, the tool was censored through an anti-malware system, and there was nothing suspicious. Moreover, it is approved by Google and has been publicly released on Google Chrome. You can safely and quickly use and download unlimited Twitch clips to your device with peace of mind.

Own a quality Twitch Clip

Quality is always the most important thing for users, that’s why we support maximum clip resolutions. After the conversion is complete, you have the option to save clips and Twitch video quality, but it also depends on the network speed and device compatibility.

Frequently Asked Questions – FAQ

How does the Twitch Clip Downloader work?

It is a no-brainer! First, we crawl the given clip URL looking for the Twitch video file on Twitch. After quickly analyzing the Twitch page watching streaming, Twitch Downloader we fetch the Twitch video and start the conversion process to create clips. When the file is ready, we serve it to the client-end (aka you) in a fast, reliable, and secure download button.

In which format are the videos delivered after conversion?

We will convert the Twitch clip to MP4 format, which is the most common format to save video files. This format can be played in probably every media player you have installed on your computer or smartphone. So, do not worry about file compatibility.

Do the clips come in high quality?

The Twitch streamers take very care to serve live videos in high-quality, so users will not be disappointed. Our service does convert the videos in a more compressed format, the MP4. However, it does come at the cost of the video. Then, you will have the same experience as watching the Twitch clip directly on the platform.

How many times can I use the Twitch Clip Downloader?

If you were worried about the availability of the downloaded from Twitch, do not worry. This Downloader is free, and it will always be. You can come back as much as you want to download the best content on Twitch!

Are the Twitch clips hosted anywhere on the website?

Our website does not host any videos files. Upon your request, we crawl link the Twitch streaming platform searching for the corresponding video. Then, we convert it and serve it to you to download content video. We are not a hosting service and we do not save the downloads folder video files for later.

Then, if you lost the video in the file and you want the downloading process video again, we will follow the same process in the step above and install the extension of this developer tools on the new tab Google Chrome to make it easier to download the video.

Is it legal to save Twitch clips?

Every streaming uses the social network to deliver free content to its users and build a reputation online. It works like YouTube, where the source of revenue from content producers is not the content itself.

So, we are not stealing anything that streamers have already given to us. The videos are free to watch video on Twitch and having the downloaded file is not a felony. So, you can use the Twitch Clip Downloader with ease of mind.

Will the download of twitch clips take too long?

No, it will not! We use incredibly good servers to prevent the downloads of video to be slow. There are no speed limits like there are on freemium download websites. So, we guarantee you will be served with the fastest download possible on your internet connection.

Is it a free service, a freemium tool or there are any hidden fees?

Our Download Twitch Clips is a free service, and it will always be! There are no hidden fees somehow, and we are not waiting to charge you anything in the future.

As we stated above, you can download twitch clips as many times as you want here. There are no limits for the number of downloads you can make in a single day. We also do not reduce your downloading speed after several link browser twitch VODs are downloaded.

So, feel yourself home with life easier and get your favorites videos from link share icon Twitch streams already! Or the copied URL and paste it in our toolbar to downloaded to your device using the simple steps described above.

Is it safe to download Twitch clips or to save twitch VODs using our service?

Yes, it is safe to use our Download Twitch Clips to save Twitch clips on your devices. We do not disturb users with third-party ads nor sell you data either. You will note you must not disclose any information to use the downloading service. So, your data is safe here.

We ensure we are an ethical service gamer on PC, and we put your privacy and security in the first place.

The only type of tracking we use is to provide anonymous cookies to gamers so that can improve the URL in our site box on desktop or mobile app player and for gamer downloading. This is a pretty common practice on every web page URL these days on a computer, such as Google, Amazon, and the other browser for gamers on a PC.