General FAQs about Twitch

We will be updating the Twitch FAQ on this page. Users can also find detailed instructions on Twitch tricks here. We hope that the information we provide will be of help to you.

List of FAQs about Twitch

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The Twitch streaming platform allows you to highlight, on the main page of your channel, the profiles of friends or partners. This can help publicize the work of other channels. The function is a little hidden, but it’s not that difficult to activate it. See how to spotlight streamers on Twitch.

How to suggest partner streamers on your Twitch channel

How to find the option to suggest streamers

The feature, in principle, is not so evident on the main page of your channel. However, once you suggest the first partner streamer a button also appears as a shortcut for you to edit suggested streams.

  1. Log into your Twitch account on your computer;
  2. On your channel’s main page, go to your avatar icon (top right corner of the screen);
  3. By clicking on your avatar a small window will appear. Select “Settings”;
  4. On the page that opens, choose the category “Channel and Videos”;
  5. A new page, with various configuration options, will appear. Scroll down to the “My Streamer Shelf” option;
  6. We finally got where we wanted to go.

How to find the feature to highlight partners

How to suggest streamers on your channel

  1. To highlight partner streamers on your channel go to “My Streamer Shelf > Shelf Type”;
  2. Check the option “Autohost List” and then click on “Edit”;
  3. On the page that opens, use the search space to search for the name of the channel you want to suggest;
  4. To delete a suggested channel, just hover over it and click on the trash can icon;
  5. Once your choices are complete, click on the arrow to go back (on the same page and next to “Host List”);
  6. Back to “My Streamer Shelf” don’t forget to click “Save”.

How to Spotlight Partner Channels on Twitch

That’s it! The option is not so clear at first, but then you can edit these partner channels directly from the fixed option on your profile homepage.

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Twitch allows you to create standout videos, showing some of the content you produce, on your channel. This is a good way to welcome visitors and potential followers. After making a broadcast it’s easy to highlight a video or part of it in the Twitch highlight on your profile. See how to do it.

How to create highlights on Twitch

How to create a highlight on Twitch

You don’t necessarily need to use the entire saved streaming video to use in highlight. The idea is to highlight a few minutes of your broadcast, in some part that you consider important because it’s funny or better demonstrate your skills – for example. It’s your self-promotion space.

How to create highlights on Twitch

The highlight will be highlighted when your transmission is offline. Now see how to create a highlight with your best moments:

  1. Log into your Twitch account;
  2. After finishing some transmission, click on your profile icon (top right corner of the screen);
  3. In the window that opens, select “Video Producer”;
  4. The page that opens will show a list of all videos saved on your channel;
  5. All captures that can be highlighted will have a “Highlight” button on the right;
  6. Videos, where a “Watch” button appears, are already (or were) highlighted;
  7. Click on the Highlight button;
  8. The screen that opens will show a simplified video editing space that will help you to cut out the part of the broadcast you want to highlight;
  9. Now make the adjustments you want and change the highlighted name if you wish;
  10. Click on “Publish Highlights” and your highlight will be online!

How to create highlights on Twitch

Additionally, on this same page to choose a capture to highlight, there is an “Upload” button that allows you to upload some video (that you have already edited) to use as a highlight.

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When broadcasting, during a match, it becomes more complicated to interact and control the chat on the Twitch channel. A good way to deal with this difficulty is to know how to create commands on Twitch, in addition to those native to the platform, it is possible to customize other codes via bot to streamline the control of the chat.

Chat codes and commands make the streamer's daily life easier

Commands on Twitch (Chat)

Commands serve various functions and are placed via chat. Let’s focus on commands for users who have some “level” of power within the Twitch channel. For common users just enter the platform support and the commands will be available.

1. Validation

To use any chat command or feature, just type the required command into the text box and press “Enter”. Please note that:

  • Type “/”: opens a list of available commands;
  • Words between “{}”: indicate a requested value. Ex: {Username} indicates who should be affected by the command;
  • Words enclosed in “[]”: indicate an optional value. Ex: [Seconds], can be indicated to designate the amount of time or interval that command will act.

Typing “/” in the chat opens the list of commands available on Twitch

2. Commands for streamers and moderators

  • USER: opens a user’s profile card, with all its information. Ex: /user {username}, it also works by clicking on the username in the chat;
  • TIMEOUT: allows temporary ban. Ex: /timeout {username} [seconds], the default is 10 minutes, but you can change the value between “[]” to customize;
  • BAN: ban of user from chat. Ex: /ban {username};
  • UNBAN: revokes user ban. Ex: /unban {username};
  • SLOW: limits the frequency of sending messages in the chat. Ex: /slow {seconds}, whoever is in the chat will only be able to send a new message after the interval time;
  • SLOWOFF: revokes the above command;
  • FOLLOWERS: Restricts chat access to users who follow the channel according to the usage time, with a limit of 3 months. Ex: /followers 2d, will only have access to the chat who is a follower for at least 2 days;
  • FOLLOWERSOFF: revokes the above command;
  • SUBSCRIBERS: only allows access to the chat for users who are subscribing to the channel. Ex: /subscribers;
  • SUBSCRIBERSOFF: revokes the above command;
  • CLEAR: clears the chat history. Ex: /clear;
  • UNIQUECHAT: prevents users from sending repeated messages. Ex: /uniquechat;
  • UNIQUECHATOFF: revokes the above command;
  • EMOTEONLY: Chat messages can only be composed of emotes. Ex: /emoteonly;
  • EMOTEONLYOFF: revokes the above command.

3. Commands for streamers and editors

  • COMMERCIAL: command for partners only, plays a commercial for all your audience. Ex: /commercial, the default duration is 30 seconds, if other sizes are available for the channel, just put between “{}” the number of seconds for the commercial. The range is 30, 60, 90, 120, 150, 180 seconds;
  • HOST: allows you to host another channel on yours. Ex: /host {channel name};
  • UNHOST: disables the previous command;
  • RAID: Sends the viewer to another live channel. Ex: /raid {channel name};
  • UNRAID: disables the previous command;
  • MARKER: adds a broadcast marker to facilitate later editing. Ex: /marker {description}. Please note, the description can be a maximum of 140 characters.

4. Streamer Commands

  • MOD: This command gives the moderator role to a user. Ex: /mod {username};
  • UNMOD: removes the moderator privilege. Ex: /unmod {username};
  • VIP: Gives the VIP status to a user. Ex: /vip {username};
  • UNVIP: removes VIP status. Ex: /unvip {username}.

How to create commands on Twitch

In addition to the basic commands mentioned above, the streamer can create more specific ones to enable actions that are necessary for your Twitch channel.

The known way to create commands and use them is through the channel Bot, which the streamer installs and releases access to.

MooBot is free and has an intuitive interface

All commands executed by the bot need a symbol coming before the command name, the most common is “!”. Chat commands are available to all users if you don’t have a restriction option in the used bot.

Creating a command

1: Open the “Commands” menu from the main menu and then open the “Custom Commands” menu;

twitch download

2: Type the name of your chat command into the “Command Name” entry at the bottom of the menu. Ex: “Twitter” if you want to use the Twitch chat command like “!Twitter”;

twitch video downloader

3: Click on the “Create” button after choosing and entering the name for the chat command;

4:In the edit menu of your new chat command, find the “Reply” entry and type the message you want the chat command to respond to on Twitch;

twitch clip downloader

5: Click on the “Save” button at the bottom of the menu.

free twitch clip downloader

Okay, now just write in the chat “!command name” and it will be inserted into your chat. The commands created can be from the simplest, such as messages, notices, advertisements from other social media, even more complex.

In this walkthrough we use MooBot, but there are several other bots to use on Twitch. The functions are similar, but it is necessary to enter the supplier page to confirm the codes accepted by the bot.

Common problems

Nothing is perfect and some problems can arise with the use of commands created and applied by bots.

The command appears for some users but not all

When your viewers use a chat command multiple times in a short amount of time, the bot will send the response as a private whisper to the viewer.

Bots do this to reduce repetitive information that creates unnecessary spam in your Twitch chat.

The command is not being posted automatically

Bots will automatically post a chat command after a few minutes and chat lines have passed. If someone uses the command in chat, or if Twitch chat is inactive for an extended period, the required minutes and chat lines will be updated.

The chat command may not be posted automatically if Twitch chat is too slow while streaming.

We now know how to create commands on Twitch, to support existing ones and improve channel productivity. If you want to dig deeper into how to use our Moobot example, the link below will contain several instructions, but only in English. Good broadcasts!

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To increase interaction between users, Twitch offers several types of emotes, which are stickers that can be sent in a live chat. In addition to the options offered by the platform, you can also create your own custom emotes. Follow this tutorial to learn how to do this.

Aplicativo da Twitch no celular

Rules for creating emotes on Twitch

First of all, you need to be aware of the rules for creating emotes. The first is that the feature is only available to Twitch affiliate or partner channels. To become an affiliate, you must meet the following requirements:

  • Have at least 50 followers;
  • 500 minutes of broadcast in the last 30 days;
  • Average of three or more simultaneous viewers;
  • Seven days of a broadcast made in one month.

As for the requirements for the partnership program, they are vaguer and are usually left to Twitch’s own discretion, which selects the most relevant channels.

It’s also important to know the guidelines for creating emotes. Depending on the platform, you cannot create stickers that contain:

  • Hateful conduct such as insults, symbols, stereotypes, and offensive images;
  • Harassment, such as targeted insults, bullying and threats or incitement to abuse;
  • Threats of violence, such as threats against others and threats of suicide;
  • Obscene content, such as extreme or gratuitous depictions of violence, blood, serious injury, and death;
  • Sexual content, such as representations of sexual acts (sex, masturbation), excitement, and gestures;
  • Nudity, as representations and imitations of naked bodies, buttocks, and genitals;
  • Illegal drugs, such as representations or references to the use and objects related to illegal drugs; Vulgarity, such as obscene or explicit words, phrases, and gestures;
  • Politics, including phrases, symbols, and political figures;
  • Individual letters and characters.

How to create emotes on Twitch

In order for an image to become an emote, it must be in PNG format — other extensions are not supported. Also, the file must be between 112 x 112 and 4096 x 4096 pixels and be smaller than 1 MB.

That said, follow the instructions below to learn how to make your own emotes:

  1. Open your browser and go to;
  2. Login with your account;
  3. On the left side menu, click on “Affiliate/Partner Setup”;
  4. In the “Current emoticons” section, click on “Load emotes” and then on “Simple”;
  5. Click the “+” icon to upload the image — it will be automatically converted to the other sizes;
  6. In “Unique code”, enter a name for the emote;
  7. Click on “Save changes” to finish.

Okay, now you know how to create custom emotes on Twitch. The process to send them is very simple: just enter the live chat and type “:name of the emote” (without quotes).

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The Twitch streaming platform brings several features for you to customize and organize videos saved on your channel. One of them is the possibility of creating collections to separate your captures by theme. That way, those who visit you will be able to browse the content more easily. See how to create collections on Twitch.

How to Create Collections on Twitch

Twitch’s collections can also be seen as a kind of catalog and are mainly aimed at those who visit your channel while you are offline.

This is a good way to organize your content by games played, for example. That way, your follower (or potential follower) can jump right in and watch the type of video that pleases you the most.

Follow the steps and create collections on the channel:

  1. Log into your Twitch account (on your computer) and go to your channel’s main page;
  2. In the upper right corner of the screen, click on your profile avatar;
  3. Select the option “Video Producer”;
  4. In the window that opens, you will see all the videos you have already produced and are saved in the channel;
  5. To create a collection, for the first time, choose one of the videos listed;
  6. Right next to the video is an icon with three dots. Click on it;
  7. In the window that opens, go to “Add to” and then to “Collections”;
  8. In the space that appears, write the name you want to give your collection and then click on “Create”.

How to Create Video Collections on Twitch

Uploading Videos to Collections on Twitch

After doing the above procedure, you already have your collection (or category, or theme) to start organizing the videos saved in your channel.

See how to categorize them:

  1. Follow the same path as the previous tutorial to “Add to” > “Collections”;
  2. On the left side of all created collections a small selector box will appear;
  3. Once you check the box, the chosen video will automatically appear listed in this collection;
  4. To remove the video from this category and place it in another, for example, just uncheck the current box and check it in another created collection.

How to Create Video Collections on Twitch

All videos organized into collections can be accessed from your channel’s home page. Just click on “Videos” > “Filter by” > Collections.

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Downloading Twitch videos — including clips and lives — is pretty easy. Although the streaming service very popular with gamers has blocked the native feature, you can use websites and download the short clips saved by your favorite streamer to your computer easily and watch it whenever you want. Learn how to download videos from Twitch.

How to download videos from Twitch

Originally, Twitch allowed users to download clips saved by content producers, but since May 2018, the service has barred that practice, without ever explaining why. Most likely, because of complaints from streamers and, of course, to avoid piracy (and reposting the same clips on rival YouTube).

However, there are a number of online services that support Twitch code that can download clips but not videos. Sound confusing? Calm down, I’ll explain:

  • On Twitch, a video is understood to be a complete stored (live) stream that can be up to hours in length;
  • A clip may or may not be an excerpt from a broadcast, which cannot be longer than 60 seconds.

To record the entire live stream as a Live, you can choose to record your computer or smartphone screen with some free programs.

To differentiate, Twitch treats links to clips and videos differently. Therefore, websites and programs capable of downloading clips do not support downloading videos.

twitch clip downloader

To download clips and videos, you can use online services and do not need to install anything on your computer. Sites like (above) can download clips and videos easily.

How to Download Twitch Clips

  1. Access the Twitch website ( through your browser;
  2. Enter the channel page of the user whose clip you want to download;
  3. Click on Clips and then on the clip you want;
  4. Copy the link from the clip;

twitch clip downloader

  1. Go to the website of the service you chose to download the clip;
  2. Paste the link of the clip you want to download in the corresponding field, and click on the Download button;
  3. The website will generate a valid download link.
  4. Right-click on the link, click Save link as and then click Save.

And ready.

If you click directly on the video link, it can be played.

If this is the case:

  1. Wait until the end of the clip;
  2. Right-click on the clip, then Save Video As;
  3. Click Save.

That simple.

If you do this before the clip ends, it’s possible that only part of it will be saved on your computer.

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Twitch’s goal is to connect content producers or those who just want to have fun, with the public. To expand this engagement, the platform provides a reward system for challenges, where followers can redeem “gifts” during transmissions. See how to enable Twitch channel points.

How to enable points and rewards on Twitch

How the points and rewards system works

In general, channel points are generated for each follower/subscriber as they watch your broadcast live, subscribe to the channel, redeem bonuses, participate in raids, and so on. They are literally rating points, which can be redeemed on the channel itself.

The challenge that the audience can rescue varies from channel to channel and depends on the configurations the host makes. For example: for 500 points you can send a highlighted message in the chat, or for 1000 points you can ask the streamer to pay for the redeemed gift (let’s say telling a joke).

As the points are only accumulated as a person interacts with your channel, this can only redeem points when the host is live, after all, if he is offline he will not be able to pay the gift.

By default, Twitch already brings some challenges and a certain number of points needed for their respective redemptions. However, you can customize this feature, including changing how much each gift costs and your channel’s “currency” name.

How to enable points and rewards on Twitch

How to enable points and rewards on Twitch

  1. Log into your Twitch channel on your computer;
  2. Click on your profile icon in the upper right corner of the screen;
  3. Select the “Settings” option (with a gear icon beside it);
  4. On the page that opens, go to “Channel and Videos”;
  5. Note the column on the left side that will appear. Click on “Community”;
  6. Finally, choose “Channel Points”;
  7. To activate your channel points, just activate the key next to “Enable Channel Points”.

How to enable points and rewards on Twitch

How to customize your points and rewards

To customize your channel’s currency (with custom name and avatar) follow all the way from the previous tutorial, and when you get to the “Channel Points” screen, click on “Edit” next to the “Customize Points Display” option.

A screen like the one shown below will be displayed. Here, you can choose a name for your points and upload an avatar.

How to enable points and rewards on Twitch

To customize the rewards your audience can redeem with points, just click on “Manage Rewards & Challenges”. On the screen that appears, you can change existing rewards, create new ones, select a redemption limit per stream (if you like), and how much each one will cost.

That’s it! Have fun interacting with your audience!

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Do you know that epic moment from your favorite streamer? Then, the fan can boost the stream’s popularity on Twitch. See below, how to make clips on Twitch and help your content creator grow on the platform.

How to make clips on Twitch (Browser)

When opening any Twitch channel, the user may come across something they would like to tell their friends. Whether it’s a mind-blowing multi-kill on your favorite FPS, or just witnessing a funny scene on your favorite talk show, you can capture and share those special moments on the streaming platform.

1.Check the conditions;

  1. Clips are currently limited to partner channels: if the channel has a purple “Subscribe” button, it can now make clips;
  2. Remember, clips only work with live content, not pre-recorded video.

2.Click on the “clips” icon in the lower right corner of the player;

twitch banner

When you do this, a 30-second video clip from the stream will appear in a new tab. According to Twitch, clips capture 25 seconds earlier than when you clicked, as well as five seconds later. The maximum length is 60 seconds.

twitch downloader

3.Set the size and title the clip

In the tab that opens, you can move the bar below to check the clip’s size and make a small “edit”. Titled is indicated, clips with titles have more views. After clicking “Publish”, the social media icons or a copy of the link to send to one of your friends appear.


How to make clips on Twitch (Mobile)

The process is basically the same as the browser, but with the functions at hand:

  1. Open the channel of your choice that is broadcasting live;
  2. Press the “clip” button in the upper right corner;
  3. When viewing clip options, click edit to see the size and place the title, the maximum length in Twitch’s mobile app is 30 seconds;
  4. Press “Share clip” to open the social media options and send the clip.

twitch clip downloader

Managing Clips on Twitch

Clips are on your personal page, when selecting “clips”, all made by the user appear there. To delete a clip, just select it and press the “Delete selected” button, and presto, the clip is not part of your collection.

twitch videos

It’s simple and fast to make your clips on Twitch. It’s a great tool to give your favorite streamer a helping hand, or that funny friend just starting out. Good lives!

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It’s already wonderful for free, imagine being able to earn your livelihood by broadcasting matches online or chatting with the channel’s audience. See below, how to earn money on Twitch and get paid to play your favorite games.

How to make money on Twitch

How to make money on Twitch

The first step to earning money on Twitch is to join the streaming platform’s Partner Program. The program is made for streamers who are committed to their streams and ready to go beyond the affiliate level.

Twitch Partners are creators who stream a variety of content, whether it’s games, music, interviews, art or anything else they can imagine.

If you’re ready to share what you do with a live community and are able to build a sizable audience on Twitch or other services, you can apply now.

Twitch Partner Requirements

The platform defines some criteria for the streamer to become a Partner on its platform. If you do not fulfill any of them at this time, it is still possible to start your career at the School of Creators and be able to complete the achievement “The route to being a Partner”.

Basic requirements

  • Complete the “Route to Partner” achievement or demonstrate that you have a broad and engaged audience/follower number on other streaming services;
  • Content that conforms to the Community Guidelines, Terms of Service and DMCA Guidelines, all documents available on the Twitch website;
  • In addition to achieving the achievement “The route to being a Partner” they must be able to consistently maintain the criteria established in the title, the number of the audience must consolidate and grow;
  • Meeting the minimum requirements does not guarantee the partnership, only the possibility of being evaluated by Twitch.

How Twitch monetization works

Having already fulfilled the minimum requirements, applied to become a Twitch Partner, and having been approved, the financial gains begin. But how does this monetization work for streamers?

There are basically 3 ways to monetize your channel, turning your broadcasts into cash, while having fun.

  • Channel Subscriptions and Emotes: Twitch Partners can earn income by accepting subscriptions from their viewers. The subscription options are R$4.99, R$9.99, R$24.99, or Prime Gaming’s free subscriptions. Partners can also unlock up to 50 channel emotes. Prime Gaming subscribers receive a free R$24.99 subscription to subscribe to their preferred channel;
  • Bits: Serve as virtual merchandise that viewers can purchase to send a Cheer on your channel, allowing them to support your channel without leaving Twitch. Twitch provides participating Partners with a portion of the revenue they receive from Bits, equal to 1 cent per Bit used to send them Cheers. As a Partner, you can customize your Cheermotes and Bit badges;
  • Ads: Partners earn a portion of the revenue generated by any ads played on their placements. Partners can determine the extent and frequency of mid-range ads on their dashboards. The balance is critical between monetizing and not weighing the transmission down.

Special Resources for Twitch Partners

The platform offers a series of specific features for Partners, facilitating the expansion of their audience and customizing the entire process.

1. Channel Customization

  • Custom chat badges: can create custom chat badges based on the length of subscriptions (how many months subscribed);
  • Custom emoticons: Partners can unlock up to 50 emote slots based on the total member points they have accumulated;
  • Custom emoticon prefix: you can customize the prefix code in front of emotes;
  • Custom Cheermots and Bit Badges;
  • Verified user badge;
  • Free lifetime channel subscription to your chatbot;
  • Up to three additional free, lifetime channel subscriptions: for friends and family according to the total number of subscribers.

2. VOD (Video On Demand) Features

  • Extended VOD storage: Partners store their streams for 60 days while Affiliates store them for just 14 days;
  • Reruns and Premieres: You can re-stream past content and show new videos to your audience.

3. Priority support

Twitch partners have access to a dedicated support team. By accessing “Partner Help” while logged in the streamer will receive a response from the team within 1 or 2 business days.

4. Teams

Partners can create their own broadcast team by requesting one through “Partner Help”. When the amount of transmissions gets bigger, it will be a big help.

5. Video transcoding

Partners will always have priority access to quality options for their channels. Options allow viewers to adjust the viewing quality of the broadcast, improving the experience. Partners are guaranteed transcodes for all transmissions, while non-Partner channels receive transcodes according to available capacity.

6. Transmission delay

Broadcasts can be delayed up to 15 minutes to ensure regularity during competitive games. This option leaves competition broadcasts with some streamer control, allowing for more fluidity.

Now that you’ve seen how to make money on Twitch, are you just going to have fun or try professionalizing as a streamer? Good luck!

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Twitch has a clip system, which allows viewers to share cool and/or funny moments from their favorite content creators’ streams. The user can view the clips they created and select which ones they want to keep or delete. Learn how to view the clips you created on Twitch below.

What is?

A clip is an excerpt from a Twitch broadcast that viewers can create to boost their favorite streamers. Currently, only channels that are part of the Partner Program can have their views captured in the form of clips. At the same time, a user cannot create clips from their own streams, only from other streamers.

Clips are gathered in the “Clips” tab of the user’s dashboard. For a visitor to a channel, it is possible to see all of the captures made by that creator by other people. In your own channel, you will see the captures you made from different channels.

It is this second that interests us here.

How to see the clips I made on Twitch

You can view the clips you’ve made on Twitch by going to your Control Panel. See how to do it.


  1. Go to;
  2. Click on “Content”, “Clips”.

In Control Panel, you can select the clips you’ve made and delete them by checking the box next to them and clicking “Delete selected”.

How to see clips others have made of you

If you’re part of the Twitch Partner Program, it’s possible that your viewers have created clips of your broadcasts. To view them, do the following:

twitch download

  1. On Twitch’s homepage, click on your avatar and then on “Channel”;
  2. Click on “Videos”, open the “Filter by” drop menu and click on “Clips”;
  3. Twitch will display all clips from your broadcasts created by other users.

By default, Twitch clips have no “lifecycle” and remain on the air indefinitely, unlike broadcasts, which are automatically removed after 14 days (60 days for partners). However, the service may remove clips and streams that have copyrighted content.

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Twitch’s app lets you watch game streams on multiple devices, but until recently, it wasn’t natively available on TVs. Although not all systems are compatible, it is possible to run the app on a TV through other devices. Here’s how to watch Twitch on TV.

How to Watch Twitch on TV

Twitch’s app is compatible with several types of devices, but it is present in only two TV systems natively: the webOS, exclusive to LG, and the Android TV, which runs on models from different brands. So far, the app is not compatible with Samsung TVs running the Tizen operating system.

Next, check out how to watch Twitch on TV through compatible devices.

1. On LG TVs (webOS)

LG TVs running the WebOS system have native support for Twitch’s app, which was initially released without the user login option (!). However, the application was updated recently and today, it already allows you to enter your profile and access the channels you already follow.

    1. Access the LG TV menu and open the “LG Content Store” app (a bag icon);
    2. Select the app store search tool (magnifying glass icon);
    3. With the remote, type “Twitch” (without quotes) and confirm;
    4. The TV will find the Twitch app, select it;
    5. Select the “Install” button and confirm;
    6. After installing, open the Twitch app and click “Login”;
    7. With your mobile phone, scan the QR code displayed on the screen or go to;
    8. Enter the 8-digit code displayed on the TV screen;
    9. Tap “Enable” and then “Authorize”.

twitch video downloader

And ready.

2. On Android TV (set-top boxes and TVs)

TVs from manufacturers such as Sony and TCL, which use Android TV as their operating system, are compatible with Twitch’s app, which can be installed from the Google Play Store. The same goes for compatible set-top boxes such as Mi Box S and Mi TV Stick, among others.

twitch to mp4

  1. Open the Google Play Store app;
  2. In the search field, type “Twitch” (without quotes) and confirm;
  3. Download and install the Twitch app.

3. On Apple TV

twitch video to mp4

  1. On the Apple TV dashboard, click on the “App Store” icon;
  2. Click on “Search”;
  3. In the search field, type “Twitch” (without quotes) and confirm;
  4. Download and install the Twitch app.

4. On Chromecast

Twitch’s app for iOS ( and Android ( supports Chromecast, and you can mirror your content on the dongle plugged into your TV.

twitch clip to mp4

  1. Open the Twitch app on your iPhone, iPad, or Android;
  2. Tap the “Transmit” button (a rectangle with a Wi-Fi signal);
  3. The app will display a list of supported devices, tap the Chromecast equivalent;
  4. After the Transmit icon changes color, connection to the TV is ready;
  5. Choose a channel and start watching it on TV;
  6. To stop the transmission, tap the “Transmit” button and then tap “Disconnect”.

5. On Amazon Fire TV Stick

twitch clip downloader

  1. Open the Amazon Appstore app;
  2. In the search tool, type by “Twitch” (without quotes) and confirm;
  3. Download and install the Twitch app.

6. On PS5

twitch to mp3

  1. On the PS5’s dashboard, go to the “Media” tab;
  2. Access the option “All applications”
  3. Select the Twitch app and click “Download”;
  4. Open the app and click on “Login”;
  5. On your mobile, go to;
  6. Enter the 8-digit code displayed on the TV screen;
  7. Tap “Enable” and then “Authorize”.

On PS5, as well as on PS4 and Xbox consoles, Twitch’s app is not only for watching but also for streaming your games.

7. On PS4

twitch banner

  1. On the PS4 dashboard, open the “TV and video” app (a TV icon);
  2. Access the “All apps” tab;
  3. Select the Twitch app and click “Download”;
  4. Open the app and click on “Login”;
  5. On your mobile, go to;
  6. Enter the 8-digit code displayed on the TV screen;
  7. Tap “Enable” and then “Authorize”.

8. On Xbox Series X|S and Xbox One

The interface of Xbox consoles is the same on Xbox One, Xbox Series X, and Series S, so the method is the same.

twitch downloader

  1. On the Xbox console, open the Microsoft Store app;
  2. Access the search tool and type “Twitch” (without quotes);
  3. Select the Twitch app and click “Install”;
  4. Open the app and click on “Login”;
  5. On your mobile, go to;
  6. Enter the 8-digit code displayed on the TV screen;
  7. Tap “Enable” and then “Authorize”.