How to create a featured video on Twitch [Highlight]?

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Twitch allows you to create standout videos, showing some of the content you produce, on your channel. This is a good way to welcome visitors and potential followers. After making a broadcast it’s easy to highlight a video or part of it in the Twitch highlight on your profile. See how to do it.

How to create highlights on Twitch

How to create a highlight on Twitch

You don’t necessarily need to use the entire saved streaming video to use in highlight. The idea is to highlight a few minutes of your broadcast, in some part that you consider important because it’s funny or better demonstrate your skills – for example. It’s your self-promotion space.

How to create highlights on Twitch

The highlight will be highlighted when your transmission is offline. Now see how to create a highlight with your best moments:

  1. Log into your Twitch account;
  2. After finishing some transmission, click on your profile icon (top right corner of the screen);
  3. In the window that opens, select “Video Producer”;
  4. The page that opens will show a list of all videos saved on your channel;
  5. All captures that can be highlighted will have a “Highlight” button on the right;
  6. Videos, where a “Watch” button appears, are already (or were) highlighted;
  7. Click on the Highlight button;
  8. The screen that opens will show a simplified video editing space that will help you to cut out the part of the broadcast you want to highlight;
  9. Now make the adjustments you want and change the highlighted name if you wish;
  10. Click on “Publish Highlights” and your highlight will be online!

How to create highlights on Twitch

Additionally, on this same page to choose a capture to highlight, there is an “Upload” button that allows you to upload some video (that you have already edited) to use as a highlight.