How to make clips on Twitch?

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Do you know that epic moment from your favorite streamer? Then, the fan can boost the stream’s popularity on Twitch. See below, how to make clips on Twitch and help your content creator grow on the platform.

How to make clips on Twitch (Browser)

When opening any Twitch channel, the user may come across something they would like to tell their friends. Whether it’s a mind-blowing multi-kill on your favorite FPS, or just witnessing a funny scene on your favorite talk show, you can capture and share those special moments on the streaming platform.

1.Check the conditions;

  1. Clips are currently limited to partner channels: if the channel has a purple “Subscribe” button, it can now make clips;
  2. Remember, clips only work with live content, not pre-recorded video.

2.Click on the “clips” icon in the lower right corner of the player;

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When you do this, a 30-second video clip from the stream will appear in a new tab. According to Twitch, clips capture 25 seconds earlier than when you clicked, as well as five seconds later. The maximum length is 60 seconds.

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3.Set the size and title the clip

In the tab that opens, you can move the bar below to check the clip’s size and make a small “edit”. Titled is indicated, clips with titles have more views. After clicking “Publish”, the social media icons or a copy of the link to send to one of your friends appear.


How to make clips on Twitch (Mobile)

The process is basically the same as the browser, but with the functions at hand:

  1. Open the channel of your choice that is broadcasting live;
  2. Press the “clip” button in the upper right corner;
  3. When viewing clip options, click edit to see the size and place the title, the maximum length in Twitch’s mobile app is 30 seconds;
  4. Press “Share clip” to open the social media options and send the clip.

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Managing Clips on Twitch

Clips are on your personal page, when selecting “clips”, all made by the user appear there. To delete a clip, just select it and press the “Delete selected” button, and presto, the clip is not part of your collection.

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It’s simple and fast to make your clips on Twitch. It’s a great tool to give your favorite streamer a helping hand, or that funny friend just starting out. Good lives!