How to view clips created on Twitch?

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Twitch has a clip system, which allows viewers to share cool and/or funny moments from their favorite content creators’ streams. The user can view the clips they created and select which ones they want to keep or delete. Learn how to view the clips you created on Twitch below.

What is?

A clip is an excerpt from a Twitch broadcast that viewers can create to boost their favorite streamers. Currently, only channels that are part of the Partner Program can have their views captured in the form of clips. At the same time, a user cannot create clips from their own streams, only from other streamers.

Clips are gathered in the “Clips” tab of the user’s dashboard. For a visitor to a channel, it is possible to see all of the captures made by that creator by other people. In your own channel, you will see the captures you made from different channels.

It is this second that interests us here.

How to see the clips I made on Twitch

You can view the clips you’ve made on Twitch by going to your Control Panel. See how to do it.


  1. Go to;
  2. Click on “Content”, “Clips”.

In Control Panel, you can select the clips you’ve made and delete them by checking the box next to them and clicking “Delete selected”.

How to see clips others have made of you

If you’re part of the Twitch Partner Program, it’s possible that your viewers have created clips of your broadcasts. To view them, do the following:

twitch download

  1. On Twitch’s homepage, click on your avatar and then on “Channel”;
  2. Click on “Videos”, open the “Filter by” drop menu and click on “Clips”;
  3. Twitch will display all clips from your broadcasts created by other users.

By default, Twitch clips have no “lifecycle” and remain on the air indefinitely, unlike broadcasts, which are automatically removed after 14 days (60 days for partners). However, the service may remove clips and streams that have copyrighted content.